The History of 625 Squadron Losses
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625 Squadron RAF Bomber Command was operational from 18th October 1943 to May 26th May 1945, during which time it carried out 209 operations made up of about 3,500 individual sorties.

74 aircraft were lost. 389 members of the aircrew lost their lives. The Squadron operated Avro Lancaster heavy bombers — Marks I and III. From 18th October 1943 to 4th April 1945 the Squadron operated from RAF Kelstern and from 5th April 1945 to October 1945 from RAF Scampton.

It was officially disbanded in October 1945. The Squadron coat of arms incorporated a Lancaster rose encircled by a seven link gold chain — symbolic of the majestic aircraft that carried them into battle and the critical teamwork and camaraderie that was essential for the seven crew member's survival during a tour of operations.

The Squadron's motto was: We Avenge.

At the end of the war, the squadron dropped food to the starving Dutch people (Operation Manna), and flew Prisoner of War repatriation flights from Belgium (Operation Exodus) and repatriated British troops from Italy, before it was disbanded on 7 October 1945.

A Memorial was erected on the boundary of the former base at RAF Kelstern in 1964. You can see this in the Archive Report for ND637

History of 625 Sqd By Jack Albrecht

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