The History of 625 Squadron Losses


625 Squadron RAF Bomber Command was operational from 18th October 1943 to May 26th May 1945, during which time it carried out 209 operations made up of about 3,500 individual sorties. 74 aircraft were lost. 389 members of the aircrew lost their lives. The Squadron operated Avro Lancaster heavy bombers — Marks I and III. From 18th October 1943 to 4th April 1945 the Squadron operated from RAF Kelstern and from 5th April 1945 to October 1945 from RAF Scampton. It was officially disbanded in October 1945. The Squadron coat of arms incorporated a Lancaster rose encircled by a seven link gold chain — symbolic of the majestic aircraft that carried them into battle and the critical teamwork and camaraderie that was essential for the seven crew member's survival during a tour of operations. The Squadron's motto was: We Avenge.

Following the war a large number of 625 veterans kept in contact and began to hold regular reunions, initially in London until the early 1960s, thereafter at the site of the airfield, Kelstern. The annual Memorial Service was conducted by Rev. Les Hakes, a member of the Squadron who joined the ministry after the war. The 625 Squadron RAF Memorial Association was formed to include vets and those who lost family members in service with 625. Its prime purpose is memorialize those who fought and died for us. For the last sixteen years Nic Lewis has been the life blood of the Association in the role of Honorary Secretary. His father, a wireless operator, completed a tour of the operations with the Squadron from March to July 1944. Nic is dedicated to the preservation of the Squadron's history, focusing on those that made the ultimate sacrifice. The purpose of the Seven Links project is to ensure  that these courageous men are not forgotten.

Sources of material for the submitted articles will be credited as accurately as possible. These include the Archives of the 625 in the Squadron Operations Record Books, Library and Archives Canada/ site, Commonwealth War Graves Commission site, Aircrew Remembered site, 625 Squadron Facebook site and family collections. Special thanks is extended to Kevin Ball for preserving the remarkable collection of archival photos preserved by his mother, Eileen Edge. She served as a WAAF in the Squadron's administration section.

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